Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Computer


A computer is made physically by numerous integrated circuits and many other components of support, extension and accessories, which together can perform various tasks with great speed and under the control of a program.

They constitute two essential parts, the hardware, which is its physical composition (electronics, cables, cabinet, keyboard, etc.) and its software, which is the intangible part (programs, data, information, etc.). One does not work without the othe

From a functional point of view is a machine that has at least a central processing unit, a main memory and a peripheral or input device and an output. Input devices allow data entry, the CPU is responsible for processing (arimético-logical operations) and output devices communicate them to other media. Thus, the computer receives data, processes it and outputs the resulting information, which can then be interpreted, stored, transmitted to another machine or device or simply printed; all at the discretion of an operator or user and under the control of a program.

That is programmable, allows you to perform a variety of tasks, this makes it a general-purpose machine (unlike, for example, a calculator whose only purpose is to calculate limitedly). Thus, based on input data, you can perform operations and troubleshooting in the most diverse areas of human activity (administrative, scientific, design, engineering, medicine, communications, music, etc.), including many issues that directly They would not be solvable or possible without your intervention.
Basically, the ability of a computer depends on its hardware components, while the variety of tasks lies mostly run software that supports and contains installed.

While this machine can be of two different analog or digital types, the first type is used to few and very specific purposes; the most widespread, used and known is the digital computer (general purpose); so that (even popular) Generally speaking, when talking about "the computer" is referring to digital computer. They are of mixed architecture, called hybrid computers, they also still special purpose.