Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Solar System of Energy

Solar System of Energy

Solar power system is divided into off-grid power systems, and power generation systems and distributed power generation system.

Grid power system consists of solar modules, controllers, batteries composition, such as the output power to 220V AC or 110V, also need to configure inverter.

Power generation systems is directly connected to the public grid after the direct current generated by the solar module and inverter pass into alternating current mains in line with requirements. And power generation systems have centralized large-scale power stations and networks are generally national power plants, the main feature is the power can be directly delivered to the grid by grid unified allocation of power to the user. However, this power plant investment, long construction period, large area, yet there is not much development. The small and decentralized power generation systems, especially BIPV power system, due to the small investment, the construction of fast, small footprint, forceful policy support, etc., is the mainstream of the grid.

Generation systems distributed, also known as distributed generation or distributed energy supply, refers to the user on-site or near-site configuration of smaller photovoltaic electric power generation and distribution systems to meet specific user needs, support the existing distribution network economic performance, or satisfies both requirements.

The basic equipment of distributed PV systems include photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic array bracket, DC combiner box, DC power distribution cabinet, and inverter, AC power distribution cabinets and other equipment, in addition to the power supply system monitoring and control, and environmental monitoring devices. Its mode of operation is in the presence of solar radiation conditions, solar module array photovoltaic systems convert solar energy to electrical energy output through the DC combiner box centralized into the DC power distribution cabinet, the inverse grid inverter into AC supply building their own load, excess or shortage of electricity through the grid connection to adjust.