Friday, 29 May 2015

How to works Radio Waves

Symbol of radio waves

Radio waves music, speech,  and information may submit a seamless air millions of kilometers away, the thousands every day is a different way. Even if radio waves are invisible and cannot be touched by people, it has completely changed the history of humanity. Today, mobile phone, wireless phone and uses radio waves to communicate all of them if we are talking about thousands of wireless technologies such as these.
The few examples we use in daily life using radio waves are as follows:
• AM and FM radio broadcast
• Cordless home phones
• Wireless networks (the Internet)
• Remote-controlled toys
• Mobile Phones
• GPS receivers
• Satellite communications
The list goes on ... Although the radar and microwave ovens can barely stand to radio waves was unthinkable without NEVİGASYON and communications satellites and radio waves. Modern aviation and aircraft are using the dozens of different radio systems. The current fashion of today is wireless internet, which means it would be more convenient in the future.

Today all radio uses the sine waves to transmit data. The reason is the use of sine waves of many different people want to use radio waves and devices simultaneously. If there was a way to see the radio waves, you would see thousands of them in the form of sine wave is different. We have around your TV, radio, police-firefighters, satellite, mobile phone, radio wave devices such as GPS. Each has a different sine wave frequency of the radio waves, these waves determines how it spreads.
Any radio consists of two main parts:
1) Transmitter
2) Buyers

Transmitting any data (sound, pictures, etc.) Takes a message and converts the sine wave, respectively, by encoding it later if it transmits radio waves. The receiver receives and decrypts code that radio waves as a sine wave. It uses both the receiver and transmitter antennas to radiate and receive radio waves.