Monday, 20 July 2015

Sound System measurements

Sound System measurements

First, the human ear any subjective feelings are "absolutely" objective measurements may be used to represent data, otherwise all the knowledge of cognitive psychology and the psychology of perception on all the deceptive; please do not doubt, even religion and love so complex ideas can be objectively measured, under relatively sound sense of hearing is so simple! But we may not know how the existing capacity measure, or someone else had found and we did not know.
The second, but not a simple physical phenomenon "objective measurement data," mostly psychological phenomenon. This is why the measurement data clearly incorrect, but the listener can feel good to hear, because of the psychological feelings and physical stimulation is not a linear relationship.

To take a simple example: Please find a white paper, starting from the middle of a half will completely blacked out. ok, then you will say, external physical stimuli is not just black and white two properties, what else? It really wrong ...... physiological phenomenon of human vision, through the so-called ZERO CROSSING conversion, you'll find close to the middle boundary, white, more white, black and more black; this is certainly no humans there will be a normal physiological and psychological phenomenon.

Therefore, if we only care about the qualitative and quantitative external physical stimuli, will never forgive restricted to physical stimuli only black and white, do not know the human psychological phenomenon is real, "especially from black to white and black to white and then to special"; Just watch see "only physical stimulation from outside" view of human senses, it is not limited and lost a lot of rich message.

Many people see here say: Behold! Objective measurements useless ...... The more outrageous mistake. Because, objectively measured "absolutely" helpful; you then can not see how there is absolutely subjective, "especially from black to white and black to white and then to special" feeling in a black paper; this feeling, though not on the physical stimulation, but it is absolutely linked to a specific physical stimulus. So the first point I would emphasize: "All the subjective feeling" absolutely "objective measurement data can be used to represent" the only question is: even if we find the correct physical measurement data, how do we "explain" to get corresponding psychological feelings.

Because of the psychological feelings and physical stimulation is not a linear relationship, so for the "physical measurement data" "correct interpretation" even more important than the "right measure." Any physical data are not directly correspond to any sense of hearing, all we need to "correct interpretation"; and this explanation is necessary is an objective, because everyone should all have similar physiological and psychological phenomenon. So, at first glance subjective psychological feelings, still reflects a variety of objective material or social factors, it will never be cool enough to hear so simple.

Thirdly, I hereby personally think: with objective physical measurement is the "basic", is "starting from scratch", is "self-growth start." Even if I did not play a sound people listen to music, I listen to music when I found into a bottleneck and intend to re-start, what to do? Return to the starting point, increasing the "voice" of the objective of the physical message from the start; so he began to desperately play sound.