Thursday, 4 June 2015

Power Capacitors

Power Capacitors

Power capacitors for power systems and electric equipment capacitors. Any two metallic conductors separated by a dielectric medium, constitute a capacitor. The size of the capacitance of a capacitor, its dielectric properties and geometry between the two plates to decide. When the capacitor is used in the AC voltage.

Power capacitors use can be divided into eight kinds:

 01- shunt capacitor. Formerly known as phase shifting capacitors. Reactive power is mainly used to compensate the inductive load power system to improve power factor, improve voltage quality and reduce line losses.

02- series capacitor. Connected in series with the power frequency high voltage transmission and distribution lines to the distribution of the compensation circuit inductance, improving the system of static and dynamic stability, improve the quality of the line voltage, longer transmission distance and increasing transmission capacity.

03-coupling capacitor. HF communications are mainly used high-voltage power lines, measurement, control, protection, and as a member of extracting electrical energy use.

 04- Breaker capacitors. Formerly known as the equalizing capacitors. Parallel play equalizing effect on fracture in EHV breakers, the voltage between each fracture in the breaking process and even when disconnected, and to improve the extinguishing characteristics of the circuit breaker breaking capacity increase.

05- Electric capacitors. For the frequency range of 40 to 24,000 Hz electric equipment system to improve power factor, improve voltage or frequency circuit characteristics.

06- Pulse capacitors. Mainly from the energy storage effect, it is used as impulse voltage generator, the impact of current generators, test tank circuit breakers and other basic energy storage element.

 07- DC and filter capacitor. For HVDC devices and high-voltage rectifier filter device.

08- Standard capacitor. For high voltage measuring dielectric loss frequency circuit, a capacitor or used as a standard measurement of high voltage capacitor voltage dividing means.

Carved in the power system HV power capacitors (6KV above) and low-voltage power capacitors (400V)

Low Voltage Power Capacitor oil paper divided by nature self-healing power capacitors and power capacitors, power capacitors by function common and intelligent power capacitors do not repeat the general formula, focusing on intelligent power capacitor.