Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Cell Phones or Mobile Phones

mobile Phones

From the century, mobile phones have acquired capabilities that go far beyond just limited to call, translate or send text messages.

The mobile phone is communication through devices that are not connected by any cables. The transmission medium is air and the message is sent by electromagnetic waves. For mobile phone communication is an electronic wireless device used to access and use the services of the cellular network is used.

It is also known as cell phone in most Latin American countries because the service operates through a network of cells, where each Cell is a cell signal, but there are mobile telephone networks.
The mobile phone today has become a very useful tool because of the easy communication between people. The devices have different applications that can facilitate various daily tasks.

Mobile telephony is basically made up of two parts: a communication network and terminals that allow access to that network.
you can say that has incorporated the functions of devices such as PDAs, camera, camera video, portable video game console, electronic calendar, alarm clock, calculator, micro-projector, portable radio, GPS and multimedia player (to the point of causing the obsolescence of some of them) as well as to perform a multitude of actions in a small, portable device that carry almost all the inhabitants of developed countries and a growing number of people in developing countries.