Thursday, 10 September 2015

Ultra High Frequency UHF


 The UHF bandwidth, signal transmitted from the transmitter out of the ground and did not return by the ionosphere to the ground; they are always sent to the universe. Instead, the signal transmitted from the universe always penetrate the ionosphere to reach the ground. Lower frequency users are more familiar with the global "shortwave" UHF spread in not being understood. UHF troposphere can cause bending, pipes, and diffusion, will significantly expand the communication range of the visible range. Aurora, atmospheric scattering, and EME propagation can sometimes be observed, but these models cannot provide reliable communications, they are only interested in amateur radio enthusiasts only. In the upper part of the bandwidth, the wave can focus and calibration by suitably sized dish antenna.

UHF bandwidth can be widely used in satellite communications and broadcasting, cellular telephone and paging systems, as well as third-generation wireless range. Because of the high frequency and wide bandwidths (from low to high have 2.7GHz span), the broadband frequency modulation and spread very practical, channel and sub-band wireless-band super high frequency portion through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for distribution.

UHF therapy is the use of the human body without side effects of ultra-high-frequency current, directly on the skin lesions organizations, finely layered and produce complete gasification, an intuitive lesions can be removed. As the instrument precision coupled with the unique operator tactics and operational skills, which greatly reduces the damage to normal tissue, can inhibit scarring UHF mast cells and collagen fibers, and has a bactericidal, veridical, homeostasis anti-inflammatory effect, so to maintain normal tissue wound healing smooth, easy to produce scars.

UHF ultra heat treatment is the lesion tissue by vaporization, lesions in the skin requires what level to what level, so after treatment scab scab off a wound, in the meantime pay attention to the protection of the wound, not wet and a collision. After the scab off the tender skin to prevent ultraviolet radiation, skin care more appropriate diet containing foods rich in vitamins. Dermis lesions recovery needs with few physical scars scar prevention treatment.
As for efficacy, UHF technology overcomes high-frequency electric, laser, freezing, corrosion and other traditional methods of drug recur shortcomings scars, making the treatment of the skin lesion reaches perfection.