Friday, 25 September 2015



The oscilloscope is a remarkably wide range of electronic measuring instruments. It can invisible electrical signal is converted into a visible image, the change process easier for people to study a variety of electrical phenomena. Oscilloscope use a narrow, high-speed electrons from the electron beam hitting phosphor coated screen surface, can produce tiny points of light (which is the traditional analog oscilloscope works.

Under the influence of the measured signal, the electron beam is like the tip of a pen, can depict the change in the instantaneous value of the measured signal curve in the screen surface. Oscilloscope can observe a variety of different signal amplitude versus time waveform graph, you can also use it to test a variety of power, such as voltage, current, frequency, phase, amplitude modulation, and so on.
The instrument used to measure the shape of the wave alternating current or pulsed current, the tube amplifier, sweep oscillator, a cathode ray tube and other components. In addition to observing current waveform, but can also be measured frequency, voltage strength. Where can become electrical effects of periodic physical processes can be observed with an oscilloscope

Analog oscilloscope uses an analog circuit (CRT, which is based on the electron gun) the electron gun to the screen emit electrons, emitted electrons formed by electron beam focusing, and hit the screen. The inner surface of the screen is coated with a fluorescent material, so that the electron beam hit the spot will shine.

Digital oscilloscope is a series of technical data collection, A / D conversion, software programming and other manufactured high-performance oscilloscope. Digital oscilloscope works by analog converter (ADC) to the measured voltage is converted to digital information. Digital oscilloscope captured waveform is a series of samples, and the samples are stored, the storage limit is determined whether the accumulated waveform sample value can be depicted so far, then, digital oscilloscope waveform reconstruction. Digital oscilloscopes can be divided into digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), digital phosphor oscilloscope (DPO) and sampling oscilloscopes.