Sunday, 23 August 2015



Loudspeakers name suggests is the sound amplification, spread farther mean relatively speaker, microphone sound more penetrating.
Loudspeaker according to its size, usage and purpose can be divided into various types, each with their use advantage. Due to the shape and size of portable loudspeakers, speakers’ constraints, general power is only 3--8W. The wireless microphone wired microphone and volume sizes are various different purposes, and smaller size for teachers, tour guides used to hang at the waist, both hands to play more freely, its power is generally also 3W-8W. Bulky for outdoor activities, summer camps, extracurricular lectures and other high traffic areas, the power at 35W --- 95W. Lithium battery according to the type of loudspeaker is made using a classification. It solves the problem of pollution on the environment of traditional batteries, which is used mainly in the mobile phone supply lithium-ion technology to the loudspeaker.

Traditional loudspeakers, through universal, homogeneous competition in recent years, have brought the market price shopping, so that companies are increasingly emphasis on cost rather than quality. Blind pursuit of cost, not only contribute to sound quality cannot be improved, but also makes noise noise increases, to bring a certain degree of physical and mental damage to the user.

Poor sound quality, cannot meet the standard of living has been increasing gradually increasing consumer demand, the market needs to product upgrades. The new "sub-spreader" because the use of crossover broadcast technology to effectively solve the traditional loudspeaker sound rushed, fried, thick, shortcomings. You can enhance the soft and delicate, reduce noise, so sound quality is more stress. The audience does not cause dizziness, irritability, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, and entertainment at the same time to feel more pleasure, more physical and mental health. Sub-spreader enables high bass harmony echo, microphone input sound, but also can play a more realistic sound, so seize the audience, enhance the sense of affinity.