Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hybrid integrated circuits

Hybrid integrated circuits

Hybrid integrated circuits are then integrated semiconductor integrated circuit external components, or said secondary integration. It is composed of a semiconductor integrated process and thick (thin) film technology combined and integrated circuits made of semiconductor integrated circuits, it is also one of the miniaturization of electronic equipment, the main way to achieve.

Hybrid integrated circuits including the thick-film, hybrid integrated circuits and thin film, thick-film hybrid integrated circuits. Thick-film hybrid integrated circuits is an insulating substrate (typically ceramic) as the substrate of the circuit, and the first conductor network resistance, capacitance and other components using serigraphy, plasma spraying and other craft printed on the substrate surface, then use the WB, TAB , FCB and reflow soldering and other processes, the other components (such as integrated circuits, sensors, other functional elements, etc.) assembled on a ceramic substrate, and then connect the output pin, and finally as a whole package, the formation of a fully functional circuit products. Known as a thick film integrated circuit or directly called thick.

Film hybrid integrated circuit is the use of thin-film vacuum deposition techniques, sputtering, photolithography and other basic process, the electronic components of the circuit in the form of film products in the production of circuits formed on an insulating substrate.